Third Edition

Editorial  - Gregory Stiles, Anastasia Ufimtseva, Janina Pescinski and Katharine Petrich

Research Articles

You’re Fired! International Courts, Re-contracting, and the WTO Appellate Body during the Trump Presidency - Giuseppe Zaccaria

‘It Takes Two to Tango’: South–South Cooperation Measurement Politics in a Multiplex World - Laura Trajber Waisbich

Does Space Law Prevent Patterns of Antarctic Imperialism in Outer Space? - Henry Padden

Driving Global Convergence in Green Financial Policies: China as Policy Pioneer and the EU as Standard Setter - Mathias Lund Larsen

Women’s Empowerment Without Power: Strategic v. Practical Interests in SDGs and the Voluntary National Reviews - Nancy Y. Kim, Yoorim Bang and Eun Mee Kim

Policy Insights

A UN Treaty for Marine Biodiversity: Establishing Environmental Policy Integration in Global Governance - Dona Barirani

Ensuring Market Supply Transparency for Personal Protective Equipment: Preparing for Future Pandemics - Nadia Garcia-Santaolalla and Kyle de Klerk

Second Edition

Editorial, Gregory Stiles, Janina Pescinski, Katharine Petrich, Anastasia Ufimtseva

Research Articles

Transnational Multistakeholder Partnerships as Vessels to Finance Development: Navigating the Accountability Waters- Gamze Erdem Türkelli

Diversification, Khashoggi, and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund- Oliver MacPherson-Smith

Settling with Autonomy after Civil Wars: Lessons from Aceh, Indonesia- Kentaro Fujikawa

The International Discourses and Governance of Fake News- Ric Neo

Policy Insight

The Negotiation of a Feminist Sisterhood in the Pacific – Two Recent Cases of Intersectional Alliance Building- Jane Alver

Book Review

Pragmatic Terrorism: Challenging Common Assumptions- Luciano Pollichieni 

First Edition

Editorial. Launching Global Policy: Next Generation - Eva‐Maria Nag

Introduction to Global Policy: Next Generation - Gregory Stiles, Emma Lecavalier and Amna Kaleem

Research Articles

The Rise of Foreign Direct Investment Regulation in Investment‐recipient Countries - Anastasia Ufimtseva

Multipolarity and the Future of Multilateralism: Towards ‘Thick’ Peacekeeping in the Donbas Conflict - Takamitsu Hadano

The Dangers of Decoupling: Earth System Crisis and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - Michael J. Albert

Social Media Mobility: Leveraging Twitter Networks in Online Diplomacy - Ilan Manor and Elad Segev

Existential Security: Towards a Security Framework for the Survival of Humanity - Nathan Alexander Sears